Twist of fate

Many Bonners want to help seriously ill Delia

Noch wird Delia in der Klinik behandelt.

Delia is still being treated in hospital.

BONN. After a report in the General-Anzeiger, many Bonners have got in touch wanting to help Delia, a paraplegic. The family now hopes that the 15-year-old can come home.

Markus Lorenz had never expected such a huge response. “I’m really very touched. Many people want to help us so we can bring Delia home,” said the police officer from Röttgen. “We have learned in the last few days that a trouble shared is a trouble halved,” he says, looking a little more confidently towards the future.

After a tumour in his now 15-year-old daughter’s spinal cord was removed last summer, the girl is paralysed from the neck down. After staying for weeks in hospital, Delia is currently in a rehabilitation clinic in Brandenburg. She will be released in a few weeks. How life will continue for the former student at the Carl-von-Ossietzky secondary school is uncertain, as the family’s home on Hobsweg in Röttgen does not have disabled access. Around Euro 100,000 are needed to convert the family home. Money that the family does not have.

But now Markus Lorenz, his wife Denisa and the siblings– twelve and ten years –have hope again that the family can live with Delia. After a report in the General Anzeiger, more than 100 readers have contacted Markus Lorenz and offered help and support. “There were very different offers,” reports the father. It was not only money that was offered to finance the conversion or for the purchase of a vehicle for the disabled. “No,” he adds. “Various craftsmen and architects also got in touch who want to work for us for free.”

Several major fundraising activities are also planned to ensure Delia can return to Röttgen. The rock musicians “Sixties United” will be in action several times. “The fate of this girl moved us deeply and we spontaneously decided to play for her and her family this year,” say Bea Tradt, initiator of the band project, and singer Jens Hoffmeister. Jörg Schlienkamp followed this call just as spontaneously. He is organising the “Oldie Night” in Ippendorf on Saturday, 28 April with Martin vom Dorp from the Sebastianus Rifle Association and the Beatfestival in the Bonner Harmonie on 5 October with Bea Tradt.

The team at the Bonn Fitness-First-Studio on the Marktplatz will be sweating hard for the good cause. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the ten trainers will donate their fees. “We are also offering paid sport events for our members on these days. This money is intended for the Lorenz family,” plans club manager Anke Althoff. The company will also add one Euro for each kilometre sports enthusiasts complete on the ski-ergometer. Sportfreunde Ippendorf is auctioning a jersey from Jonas Hector for the family. “Naturally Delia cannot get well again, even with all the money in the world. But it helps when we see that our story has moved so many people,” says Markus Lorenz.

Markus Lorenz can be contacted by email on

(Original text: Gabriele Immenkeppel. Translation: kc)